Phenomenal Pleasures And Naughty Games With BabeAriel


BabeAriel prepares red hearts for her fans while she wears fishnet stockings and a very sexy checkered bikini. Her hair often drapes over her chest, covering her boobs while she chats with the room and prepares for the fate her spinning wheel has in store for her.

It brings a fantastic number of spanks that cause her booty to blush, which is a sweet punishment that BabeAriel takes like a champ before the more playful aspects of her stream ensue, and she starts tickling her kitty with a vibrating wand over the fabric of the bikini.

BabeAriel does eventually show us her pussy bare, and it is a fantastic moment. She slides her bottoms just enough to give us a taste of her pussy and then turns around, because she’s brought a butt plug with a fox tail to play with, and she lets us see how she slides it in and keeps it there for a spell of tasty naughtiness.

BabeAriel Writes:

Hello, my name is Ariel! I’m a tiny thing with a lot of personality. I love to laugh and my main goal is to make the most out of every single day and have fun! I love traveling, going to concerts, getting tattoos, hanging out with my doggos! I’m a huge foodie, and I love watching movies and could talk about them all day.

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