AVN AEE presented by MyFreeCams: Zinetastic Exhibit Portraits by Forrest Black and Amelia G (2 of 4)


Every year, AVN produces a huge Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. This year, AltStar Magazine‘s distributor Zinetastic had an exhibitor display where they gave away thousands of copies of AltStar Magazine #22. In addition, the Zinetastic fun included AltStar Hall of Famer Forrest Black and AltStar and GFY Hall of Famer Amelia G shooting portraits on site in one of their signature location studios. We have four galleries of their incredibly beautiful portraits to post here and we will have some of our favorites in an upcoming issue of AltStar Magazine. We love the amount of personality they capture in their images.

Regular readers will know you can also find their photography work at BlueBlood, BarelyEvil, and GothicSluts, plus approximately every alternative magazine ever published anywhere, all over the world. You can follow them on Twitter @AmeliaG and @ForrestBlack and Instagram @WildFleshPhoto and @RealAmeliaG and @23BlackCats.

If you are in this gallery, please post your pics and tag @altstarmagazine on Instagram, @AltPornNet @AltStarMag on Twitter & #avnexpo everywhere! Don’t forget to credit your photographers.

By the way, Forrest Black and Amelia G did a similar setup at the AltStar Expo last year, in the convention days before the AltStar Awards, if you’d like to check out their AltStar Expo portraits. They will be returning for this year’s AltStar Expo to collaborate on more portraits in our 2024 media room.

AVN Convention photos by Forrest Black and Amelia G from BlueBlood

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