MermaidMiley’s Excellent Toy Control


It is great to see that MermaidMiley’s dress has already slid down to show us her magnificent tits, which are not only big and beautiful, but they also have a couple piercings going through her nipples that add a nice playful touch to this sultry scene of toplessness; and that’s not even the hottest part about this lovely event.

MermaidMiley also gets frisky with her interactive toy, and while it already comes with the ability to vibrate inside her, she boosts up the pleasure she gets during this playtime by grabbing hold of that gadget and sliding it in and out of her pussy, controlling the tempo and spreading her legs so we can see every detail of her masturbating like this, complete with a full shot of her gorgeous body, from the space buns on her lovely blonde hair to the black canvas shoes she wears.

MermaidMiley Writes:

I am a total dork who lives her days to tease and pleasure the special hooomans who support and make me feel special and loved! I have met some of my very best friends on this site (Models & Members). I seriously love hanging with you guys as much as possible! As of right now I am online almost every day!Catch me online rapping your favorite old school track with a penis microphone or doing 5 thousand+ spanks until I tap out for a punishment and if were being totally honest I can be a big ol brat sometimes if you ask for it hehe! Miley’s Room is a Force to be Reckoned with. Being a Scorpio my Loyalty Runs Deep. Join the Dark Side? or Die Trying? <3

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