EmilyTokes’ Exxxquisite Levels Of Naughty


EmilyTokes wears a top that stirs something in me. I love how she looks with it on, and how her cuteness and that sexy cleavage play together. This is especially true in that fantastic moment where this sexy lady brings things just a little closer, and lets her tits pop out of her top for a bit.

Her nipples are round and lovely, and as she plays, I notice something else: EmilyTokes has something in her mouth, and upon closer observation I realize that she is moistening a butt plug. It seems some naughty things are about to take place.

Once her plug is good and ready, EmilyTokes teases her butt hole with it, and I while the tease is incredibly erotic, there’s also a sort of sweetness about the way she leaves the plug at the entrance while she looks up, almost as if she were waiting to gauge our reaction to her movements, and then slides it in, and the flowery shape of the base continues being visible while she stays showing us her juicy booty.

It is a spectacular view, and one I can’t get enough of. It is also one that seems to unleash more lustful games for us, since EmilyTokes then shows her booty from a different angle, and seamlessly incorporates a delicious pussy tease that keeps my eyes gulued to her in delight.

She knows exactly how to get the juices flowing.

EmilyTokes Writes:

HI :3

Im a smol Canadian whos been an MFC girl for 4 years as of January()
I have 3 cats (Wade,Mushu & Binx) whom I love very much ! whether were chatting, drinking, dancing, singing, masturbating or putting things in my butt were ALWAYS having a great time so get comfortable and lets have some fun together !

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