Three Cheers For EveeMinx’s Rosy-cheeked Peach


I am drawn by the lustful energy of the room, enamored, and the journey becomes an even sexier one with every single sexy thing EveeMinx does while she shows off her fun cheerleader costume.

I love how the skimpiness of the top she wears leaves enough bare skin to let her toned body shine, and her short skirt does its part to show off the lovely shape of her booty, which is a very important feature on this show, given that she is spanking herself a lot.

EveeMinx uses a double-sided paddle for this endeavor. On one side of this device there’s the punisher flat part, while the other is a pink and fluffy area that soothes with a lovely caress, and I love seeing how she combines them both to bring a tempting flush to her ass cheeks that remains for a long time after her paddle’s work is done.

EveeMinx Writes:

Cum play with me!

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