ZFilmz: Anuskatzz Cums With Anal Intentions


ZFilmz brings us a very sexy Anuskatzz wearing glasses that give her a kind of forbidden office romance feel in this scene where she plays solo at first, and I love this part because it has two major enjoyable moments for me. One is of course seeing the sensuality of how her hands explore her naked body, and the other is discovering more of her body art, which I think is super cool and would totally be down for a tour of her ink.

I also love the naughty hints the scene gives us, like the pink nipple piercings she’s got, or the gem plug that’s resting in her asshole from the start, because they indicate some interesting interactions to come while we get to enjoy the buildup for them, which I think is a very nice touch that enhances the energy of the following playtime.

This scene features a lot of pussy fingering that later transitions into asshole teasing once the plug comes out and a dildo takes its place. It is an interesting dildo, this one, because it is pink with a smooth construction, but it also has a handle with a texture that’s reminiscent of something that gives a whole new meaning to the term “boning.”

Nothing beats the real thing, however, which is why Lily Lu’s participation is so important through the main point of the scene, because Anuskatzz now has a hard dick for her asshole to play with in a deep anal dicking that leaves her hole open like a cave of wonders, which is everything a good heart-pounding, asshole-drilling liaison should be.

ZFilmz Writes:

Heavily tattooed Anuskatzz gets crazy naughty and horny wearing glasses, fingering her pussy while wearing stainless steel buttplug so that she can play with her asshole. After she takes a dildo and fucks herself with it. While penetrating her holes with it she sucks on Lily Lus dick, after giving him a sloppy blowjob she gets fucked from him in both her cunt and her anal. She gapes for him and gets banged in multiple positions like missionary, doggystyle and cowgirl. I the end She gets a big load cummed all over her face and glasses.–

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