Zishy: Miquela Dezza Nice Trips 1


The seductive elements from this Zishy set start at a high point by showing us Miquela Dezza’s panties, which is an important detail to me because I love it when a dress has some shortness to it and it hikes up to reveal a little more than it should, although in this case I think that it is revealing just the right details to whet the appetite for more from this stunning woman.

Her toned body, the firmness of her ass and the intensity in her eyes are all spectacular, and one of my favorite images from this set is the one where Miquela Dezza lays in bed while completely naked and looking directly at the camera, because I feel a certain beckoning energy in her pose, and I like that that’s the image that basically got me to fall in love with this beautiful lady, and made me more attentive to the allure captured in both the outdoors setting and the more private one.

This is an interesting touch, because the inviting and more enticing feel of her poses while inside kind of mirrors the warmth of the sunlight that bathed her clothed body while she was outside, bringing that lovely pairing that makes everything feel even more sensual to me while I drink in her beauty as she continues her teases in bed.

Zishy Writes:

I know it is getting harder and harder to make a living these days. Prices are a joke and will not be coming down. The best we can hope for is that their rate of increase slows down. So with that in mind, I want to thank all of you who support my site and the work of its contributors. This experience with Miquela Dezza was captured in South America. I think I can safely say that you can’t easily get smut with this level of authenticity anywhere else. Hope you enjoy. Part 2 soon. -z

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