LaraLoxley’s Elven Fuck Machine Tease


Dim lights shroud LaraLoxley’s body in darkness. She is a naughty elf today, and while her costume still shows the top, it does little to cover her tits while a red rope ties up her body shibari style and it enhances the view and suppleness of her tits, and the juiciness of her ass.

The fuck machine is also at the ready, pointing at her bare pussy from behind while this elven beauty inches her pussy towards it, teasing the dildo on the machine with her wet lips and the view of her naked ass, but without going for it yet, without letting it in, just enhancing the thirst and hunger of seeing her pussy take it all first, which is what builds the most erotic energy while LaraLoxley prepares to give into desire and let the dildo go inside her.

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