FTVGirls: Angie Penetrate Poolside


I love that Angie is already naked when we first meet her in this sexy FTVGirls set. She’s playing on a counter while riding a dildo, and it is one that’s nicely textured too, with veins and everything, and she rides it with a smile on her face while the only thing she’s wearing at this point is a collar that has two chains which divide and connect to her beautiful black heart-shaped pasties.

Now, this is only one portion of the goodness that this FTVGirls set gives us. The next bit is an outdoorsy playtime by the pool, and I love it because Angie is wearing a tiny metallic green bikini that covers very little of her body, so it starts off with the right level of allure and naughtiness.

Angie fingers her pussy, and then, in a move that amazes and amuses me to no end, she takes out a different plaything. It is not a dildo, or a plug, or anything like that. This is something more casual, more readily available around the house, which is what makes it even more interesting, because she uses a bottle of water, and she takes the neck of that bottle and inserts it in her beautiful pussy.

The best part is that it is a clear bottle of water that lets us see the liquid inside and how it shifts towards her open pussy, almost as if Angie were giving it a sip while she bites one of her fingers and shows us her sweet smile in a gorgeous expression of playful lust.

FTVGirls Writes:

Hey Pervs, It’s Angie back in the desert! I am a real college girl from Arizona State University, where I discovered bikinis, sunshine and cute boys!! As a fashion major I became an editorial model, walking runways and attending elite fashion parties. I still play dress up everyday in either bikinis, booty shorts, skirts or dresses, living out my hyper-femme all-American dream! In my free time nowadays, I love to travel and spend time in nature. Hiking gorgeous mountains, swimming in the ocean, my adventurous soul seeks out adrenaline and fun with every place I go. My perfect day would be either snowboarding or surfing, enjoying the sun and cooking for my friends. I like to end my day with steamy hot yoga class and a nourishing healthy homecooked meal. You can keep up with my bikini pics and epic photo locations on my free OnlyFans, Instagram, twitter and tiktok linked here linktr.ee/angelwindell

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