ZFilmz: Miss Flora Gives AnusKatzz A Fistful Of Anal Pleasure


Miss Flora plays with Anuskatzz in an amazingly erotic manner, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for a second of the runtime as she goes from a swift massage that has some nice spankings, to that moment that shows that anal play is definitely the special on the menu on this one.

I don’t think I’ve cheered at the screen before, but this ZFIlmz scene got me doing just that with how the music sets a rather relaxing tone throughout Miss Flora’s anal journey that starts with her alternating fingers inside AnusKatzz’s asshole, and then it turns into something more breathtakingly hardcore that surprised me greatly.

Suffice it to say that Miss Flora quickly goes full pin code (inserts four digits) on her inked friend’s ass before her fist slides inside the slippery lubed hole until she’s wearing it around her wrist like a bracelet, which incidentally is one of the hottest views I’ve ever seen, and I was so attentive to that moment that I can now see it whenever I close my eyes, and that’s one hell of a mental picture to stay with.

ZFilmz Writes:

Ready to get her asshole stretched, Anuskatzz lays across Miss Flora’s lap and lets her finger her tattooed holes. Miss Flora methodically works one, then two, and then three fingers up Anuskatzz asshole. Knowing her butt is going to be stretched even more, Anuskatzz moves to a different position and uses a toy on her clit to enjoy the event even more. Miss Flora then works her fingers inside until its time to push her fist inside as Anuskatzz screams from the intrusion. It’s a feeling Anuskatzz can only relish for so long

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