ElouisePlease’s Bare Boobs Are Beautiful Eye Magnets


“I would definitely say that my boobs are my favorite part of my body…” Those are literally the first words I hear when I join ElouisePlease’s room today, and as she says them, she gives het tits a squeeze through her bra and props them up well for all to see. “…they are very jiggly.”

The proven concept is enough to increase desire to a great degree, and ElouisePlease makes it even better by not just playing with her boobs, but by also giving her ass some spanking attention with a side shot of her pussy over her sheer panties.

Her boobs are the main ingredient in this delicious treat of lust she’s dishing out, and I love how she says “peek-a-boo!” when she flashes them, which is a lovely way of hers to keep things playful and engaging while her tits hang out for a while, letting us savor their magnificence.

ElouisePlease’s Profile:

Boob size = 30gg
Left handed
I love cooking and I’m a huge foodie
I have a peacock tattooed on my back
I have two dogs – a pug and a chihuhua
I live In Yorkshire, England
My favourite colour is purple
Top 3 films: Jurassic Park, Matrix, Pulp Fiction
I collect lingerie and bottles of bourbon whiskey
I love swimming and mountain biking
Perfect date = sushi and drinks
Currently playing Zelda on my nintendo switch
My favourite part about camming is talking to people and having fun
I love travelling and my favourite place I’ve been to so far is Japan
Every time I travel somewhere new, I try to find a local cookery class
I stream on MFC every day Monday – Friday
I’m very friendly, feel free to ask me questions and get to know me

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