PureTaboo: Lola Fae Surrenders To Nathan’s Sex Clause


First of all, I love the creativity of the theme for this PureTaboo scene, because it takes the concept of how nobody actually reads the terms and conditions of the things we sign up for and gives it a spin that’s both a cautionary tale, and a perfect foundation for a porn scene.

Nathan Bronson’s portrayal of Fred is on point with his attitude being that of a guy who knows he’s won even before playing the game, and that comes across well in his line delivery and even his body language that’s matched in excellence by Lola Fae, who plays a confused girl with an unusual problem very well.

In the case of Lola Fae, she takes her character Laura masterfully through an interesting arc that starts with reluctance and then goes into total acceptance, which is where something very interesting happens because there are times where Laura starts getting a little more noticeably eager while deepthroating and gagging on Fred’s cock, but she quickly comes back to her submissive side and includes some lines where she asks Nathan Bronson’s character if she can cum, or even if she is allowed to have fun while he fucks her pussy.

These details make the scene richer, and they stay true to the dominant theme that exists throughout it, where Nathan Bronson’s character is in complete control, and while he does give some leeway to Lola Fae’s character, the whole progression of this AdultTime happens with Fred’s guidance and upon his command, which makes for a powerful scene that touches on all the right points until it reaches its conclusion and the dark realization of what it truly means for Laura to have agreed to a “Free use” clause on the terms and conditions she signed.

PureTaboo Writes:

Laura (Lola Fae) is surprised when a representative, Fred (Nathan Bronson), from a dating site she recently subscribed to shows up at her door. Although she tries to shoo him away, Fred insists that he needs to talk to her, so he’s allowed inside. That’s when Fred explains that the ‘terms and conditions’ that Laura signed when registering for the dating site included a clause that grants him free use of her body at any time.

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