AdultTime: Lola Fae’s Crush Makes Her Squirt


This Model Media scene explores the idea of crushes, and the excitement that goes hand in hand with them. It particularly shows the beauty of when a crush is shared by the two people involved, in this case between bartender Lucky Fate and Lola Fae, the new girl in town who gets the chance to let their infatuation flourish in the scene, and they both share a nice moment of pleasure that gets very erotic as Lola squirts while she sucks and deepthroats his cock.

Actually, squirt is a big theme here, as Lola Fae does it a lot a lot once the more erotic bits of the scene take place, which is awesome because the squirting gives a nice sudden interruption to the action that lets us admire those jets flying all over the place.

My favorite part of this AdultTime adventure, aside from all the wetness, of course, is a moment when Lola Fae is on a chair and Lucky Fate is fucking her, and while moans do happen here, they are a bit more muffled because she holds his face close to hers and we can hear not only the pounding, but also how she whispers naughty things to him, motivating lots of ASMR tingly goodness.

It is a fantastic naughty time, this scene, and it is made even better with how it constantly shows Lola Fae’s stiff nipples and her heart-shaped areolas during the intense sexual interactions that she shares with Lucky Fate, which go on until it’s time for him to do some squirting of his own all over her pussy.

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