PureTaboo: Dana Vespoli In A Sexual Stage Of Mourning


Focusing on the theme of loss and mourning, PureTaboo brings us a deep scene with Dana Vespoli and Oliver Flynn, where the idea of connections and how people seek comfort in each other is explored, and even how the items, clothes and mementos from the departed create a certain attachment on those that they leave behind.

This is all presented in a moving way, and that’s what makes this AdultTime even more amazing, because Andrew, played by Oliver Flynn, gets a military uniform from Laurie, Dana Vespoli’s character, and when he puts it on, the scene turns into this beautiful homage to the person they both lost.

The care with which se puts on every item of that uniform is beautiful, almost ritualistic, and it conveys a fantastic and moving moment that also opens the door for the allure of the scene, because Oliver Flynn looks very sexy in that uniform.

“I would do anything for you.” Is a phrase said by both characters at some point, and it encompasses the atmosphere of comfort and the closeness each character seeks with each other nicely, with a very seductive Laurie finally speaking what’s on her mind, and she asks Andrew to satisfy her physical needs, which feels like the perfect way to fulfill the ensuing moment of passion and closeness.

It is fantastic to see how they don’t just jump into the sex, but do it slowly, gradually, which makes the pounding, sucking, licking, slurping and cumming feel much more romantic, and it makes it seem like the characters are getting not just pleasure from each other, but also companionship in their time of mourning.

PureTaboo Writes:

A man who served in the military has recently passed away, leaving his loving wife, Laurie (Dana Vespoli), and her stepson, Andrew (Oliver Flynn), behind. Laurie is devastated and unsure how she’ll continue on, though Andrew is there to help her however he can, even if he’s dealing with his own grief of having lost a parent.

One day Laurie solemnly brings her husband’s military uniform to Andrew as they reflect upon what a wonderful man he was. Eventually, Laurie insists that Oliver try on the uniform, saying it’d make his parent proud. Although Andrew is a little unsure since he’s worried about being disrespectful, Laurie assures him that his parent would WANT him to wear the uniform — he’d be honoring the memory in the most wonderful way.

Andrew delicately puts on the uniform and stands tall and silent before Laurie. Laurie is hit with a mix of emotions but likes what she sees, unexpectedly becoming aroused and longing for her own stepson in place of her husband. Caught up in the moment, she makes a bold move on Andrew, although he’s shocked as he gently holds her back. That’s when Laurie gives into her desperation and grief, telling Andrew that this fleeting moment between them is EXACTLY what she needs to finally be able to move on…

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