BodyInMind: Mеllіsа Wоrkоυt


Workouts are sexy. There is a lot of sweat, hotness, and very lucrative poses involved in a really good workout. That’s precisely why I’m really invested in this BodyinMind gallery featuring Mellisa who is difficult not to simply gawk at from her beauty alone.

In a red and black combination, with a set of weights, some holsters, and equipment that she is ready to use to squat, pull up, and potentially pose on the floor with her ass up – she is quite the stunner. I really love how her eyes are so warm and focused on each shot despite the pretty lewd looks she gives the camera.

BodyinMind always know how to bring out a fantastic set of pictures and this gallery featuring Mellisa is top notch!

BodyInMind: Mеllіsа Wоrkоυt

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