FTVMILFs: Daisie Belle Pleasure And Pearls


FTVMILFs know how to do many things right, but especially when it comes to doing varied shots in a photoshoot that can tell a story. Like this one featuring Daisie Belle, who looks like a business savvy lady who just so happens to hold a few naughty secrets between her legs in the form of pretty pearls on top of her pearl too.

I do like the overall look she has but especially the almost secretive accessories she shows off when she spreads her legs and those shiny pearls come into view. The close-ups are especially favorites of mine, since they show off a nice bit of photography with a whole lot of naughtiness added to them – and after all, I do believe that pearls are in fact, a girl’s best friend.

Another photoshoot for the win for FTVMILFs!

Hi! I’m Daisie Belle and I’m a very passionate person with a few different sides of myself that I think being in the adult film industry allows me to showcase! First off, I’m a switch, which means I love to take control of you or maybe let you take the reigns if I like you 🙂 I love fetishes! The kinkier the better so if I get the opportunity to do roleplay, BDSM, or very specific fantasies I love making them come true! In my free time when I’m not tying up my husband and mercilessly teasing or tickling him, I love playing with my dogs! I have one puppy named Panda and an old boy named Milo. I love cuddling with the pups and hubby while we watch movies and stuff our faces with popcorn as regularly as possible. We also love road tripping and spend time driving all over the country when we get the chance. I love what I do and even though I have my degree in Psychology, I can never say I don’t use it on a daily basis, especially when talking one on one with my fans 😉 I’ll be the sexiest therapist you’ve ever had, happily!

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