ZFilmz: Devilish Treats And Gaping Tricks With Anuskatzz And Stacy Bloom


This scene and gallery set gets me super excited right away because, according to Anuskatzz at the beginning of the adventure, this is the first ZFilmz Halloween special!

It is a welcome surprise to learn this because I like firsts and I love how they choose to celebrate this event with something naughty that involves a huge and scary-looking tentacle toy that becomes a seamless part of the erotic aspects of the scene, which start with a playful atmosphere that smoothly transitions into the naughty stuff in a creative and memorable way: with a magic trick from Stacy Bloom that reveals Anuskatzz’s pussy.

I appreciate the generous use of lube on this scene and how Stacy Bloom makes Anuskatzz devour the tentacle toy with her ass and then pulls it out slowly only to show a spectacular move where she licks the contour of Anuskatzz’s gaping asshole after showing how each ring of the tentacle pops free from the grip of her hole.

It is intense and powerful, but there’s also a welcome addition of friendliness that makes it work, given that both girls make comments that follow the spooky theme of the scene, which really helps bring it together as an erotic Halloween treat with lots of naughty gaping tricks to sweeten it whole.

ZFilmz Writes:

Anuskatzz has made sure this Halloween is going to be very scary, especially with the size of the toys that the girls are going to play with. Stacy Bloom is dressed as a naughty devil, and this hot brunette starts by sticking the but end of her pitchfork up Anuskatzz’s ass. It just wouldn’t be Halloween without a huge tentacle stuck up Anuskatzz’s backdoor, as she manages to swallow up the enormous toy into her asshole as she gets spanked, and her pierced pussy gets played with. They make sure it’s a Halloween to remember

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