AltErotic: Evilyn Ink And Misha Montana Play With The Naughty Spirit Of Christmas


There’s lots of wondrous stuff to see on this AltErotic gallery that features Evilyn Ink and Misha Montana in a gorgeous Christmas team-up that just seems to spill sensuality in every image, starting with how both girls wear lovely Holiday outfits that celebrate the joy and beauty of the season.

Evilyn has a red two piece that’s more traditional and lovely, and Misha goes for a red corset that shows its merry side through the pasties covering her nipples that are like two Christmas trees, which is a nice and playful touch for the gallery.

On the subject of pasties, Evilyn Ink also has a couple of her own, and these ones are more of a surprise because they show up once her top is gone. They are Christmas present-shaped and have an eye-catching color that further decorates the scene with these two ladies seducing us while showing off their bodies, even throwing in a couple pussy flashes here and there and ending on a high note where Evilyn Ink touches up Misha Montana’s tattoo of the AltErotic logo on her ankle.

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