ZillyKitty’s Christmas Teases And Booty Spanks


I love the dress that ZillyKitty is wearing on this show. It is like an elegant version of a traditional Santa girl dress, which is already fun to see, but this one takes that sexiness a step further with how it shows enough cleavage to basically reveal all of her bra, and it is also short enough so we can peek at the roundness of her booty when she turns away from the camera.

This last thing isn’t the only one that gives us those backstage views, though, since ZillyKitty also shares a candy cane-sweet treat where she spanks her booty au naturel, and she shakes it good and gives it a moment to bask in the attention while her panties stay delicately wrapped around one of her stockings, making for one spectacularly arousing show.

ZillyKitty Writes:

Meow =^.^=

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