FTVMILFs: Thalia Reading And Serving Looks


Is there anything better than sitting down and reading a good book? How about watching a beauty by the name of Thalia Rhea reading a book instead. A reading session that soon turns naughty as she notices FTVMILFs grabbing all these wonderful shots of her.

I forget all about the book as soon as she starts showing off her gorgeous red dress. Lifting it up just enough to get imaginations running wild, before taking off her panties entirely. There’s a red vibrator toy right next to her and it looks perfect between her legs. It even matches the color of that dress!

There’s a second part to this gallery that features Thalia Rhea showing off her blue miniskirt in the best way possible: with some sexy upskirt shots! Reading books can wait, right now it’s important to check out the full gallery over at FTVMILFs to get the full story.

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