Zishy: Victoria Minina Cafe Society


There’s something incredibly chic about Victoria Minina in this outfit, it’s like she came straight out of an old French movie that has too many cigarettes and a lot of nudity and it works really well. Especially when it comes to the deep, red coat that hides most of the naughtiness that Zishy are capturing.

I really do like the very comfortable and easygoing shoot that has a lot of her beauty in focus, but also some little things like the food, her hands or various parts around the cafe she’s sitting in. It’s especially great to then be surprised by some nudity once she shows it off a few frames later which really makes me give a lot of brownie points for attempts and execution.

Zishy have done a phenomenal job!

Maybe it is a European thing, but at some restaurants and cafes, they will have blankets on hand to help their clientele stay warm. I dont even think they do that here at the Olive Garden. I was impressed. Victoria Minina also impressed me so much in this outfit, I took a boat load of photos in it at various locations. I decided to break it up the set into two parts and the second half will come tomorrow along with a bonus video. Pinky promise. Have a nice Saturday evening. Stay hip.

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