Toy Time, Bath Time With SassyKai


This is my happy place, SassyKai’s room. It is a place of pleasures unhinged, where everything naughty seems to be just waiting the right moment to come out, which is an idea I like to play with as I absorb the welcoming view of her, completely naked and toying with her pussy.

SassyKai raises her legs and then spreads them a little, and through these actions we can see how her toy disappears inside her pussy while she moans a bit, accentuating the seductive scene of lust she’s created with her playfulness.

It is erotic and fantastic, and in a short time, another fantasy becomes a reality, and we get to see her soaping herself up in the tub and frolicking in the water in what I think about as the next exciting chapter of this lustful story.

SassyKai Writes:


Nice to meet you!

My name is Suz and I am from Ukraine. I celebrate every new year of my life on January 9th.

In the past, I spent a good amount of hours streaming. This path was interesting and rich as well as transformative. This made me a great webcam model, as people say 😉 When I have time for long streams I’m usually in the top 300.

However, nowadays I am more interested in self development, listening to my own feelings and studying.

My 3 favorite things to do is writing, reading, and restrain you for a more intense hard cum. I enjoy seeing you confused and weak when you are that much turned on.

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