FTVMILFs: Kendra Pink Reflections


The great thing about a good theme is that pink should always be it. Kendra seems to go with the flow of these pictures and with the ultimate pinkness of this FTVMILFs photoshoot, with a little extra helping from her in the form of a mirror tease that is just beautiful to watch.

From the little details and up-close shots of the brunette’s face, to the far away shots of her teasing, to the very particular props and showcasing of the dildo as she plays with herself in these shots, there is something really gorgeous about this entire set of pictures and I am loving every bit of it!

Kendra looks pretty in pink in this gorgeous FTVMILFs photoshoot from beginning to end in these frames!

Hi I’m Kendra! I’m from the Midwest, I love animals, hiking, really anything outdoors! I love photography and as you know, I love being in front of the camera as well! I am the most comfortable with my clothes off, and I sure love taking nudes in the desert any chance I can get! I would love the chance to swim with the grey nurse sharks in Australia, and the earliest place I can remember wanting to go was Machu Picchu. I have tons of tattoos and would love to travel and learn the history of tattoos around the world. I paint in my free time, though not so much lately! I love museums and art, history in general! The world is a beautiful place and I just want to explore it! Where can you imagine me traveling? The Maldives?? Egypt?? Maybe Bora Bora?? I can picture it, now to make it happen!

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