Exquisite BabeAriel Carefully Slides A Plug Into Her Asshole


BabeAriel is camming, and her whole show focuses on her scrumptious ass at the moment. She’s got a schoolgirl skirt on, with that plaid finish that drives me crazy, and while she models it for us, a detail becomes apparent, aside from her magnificent ass, which makes things much more exciting:

Her pussy is completely naked, and when she gets on all-fours on the floor with her back turned away from us, we can see the lovely tender folds of her cookie, and the roundness of her juicy ass in tandem with it.

This is a very important position because, aside from it being an incredible tease, it is also the beginning of one of BabeAriel’s naughty games where she takes a plug and slowly slides it inside her asshole, leaving it there to rest in its warmth while she continues showing us wonderful sights that follow the noble tradition of this show where the attention goes to her ass, and all the arousing things she does with it.

BabeAriel Writes:

Hello, my name is Ariel! I’m a tiny thing with a lot of personality. I love to laugh and my main goal is to make the most out of every single day and have fun! I love traveling, going to concerts, getting tattoos, hanging out with my doggos! I’m a huge foodie, and I love watching movies and could talk about them all day.

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