EroticBeauty: Monroe in Fruit In Hand by Paramonov


I’m intrigued by the apparent softness of her uncovered skin, Monroe comes into view with her fruit, and I find myself frolicking in the inescapable allure of the juicy display.

The drapes shield her from the light, letting just a touch of it reach her in softness. It is a setting of genuine EroticBeauty where seduction abounds. There, in the light with sunlight kissing her like a shy lover while the drapes give her and her fruit some privacy to play, to taste, to squeeze.

The juices flow, and she moves about, holding that fruit as if it were a plaything. It is the epitome of temptation, and perhaps we’ve gotten the forbidden fruit wrong all along, and it is one juicier, not an apple, but something succulent and tart, and it is a dream to me, seeing her play with it bare in this delicious affair.

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