FTVGirls: Hailee Flexible One


The adorable Hailee has taken this FTVGirls photo shoot outside, where she can stretch her body right on top of the grass while showing off some fantastic poses.

The whole setting looks so warm and sunny with her own outfit being the perfect pick for a nice day out. She already impresses me with her ability to strike some bendy poses, but my jaw really hits the floor once she pops off her bra and continues bending her body. There are some especially naughty and adorable shots of her smiling at the camera while poking her head through her own legs. All of that without any panties on!

There’s even a yellow toy that joins in on the fun, making this warm gallery even sunnier. Hailee really knows how to impress with each new pose and all of them can be seen over at FTVGirls‘ website.

FTVGirls writes:

Hi, My Name is Hailee I’m from LA and I Love everything that’s a little different, like myself. I’m passionate about makeup/ cosplay. I love getting creative and using myself and other people as my canvas. My next cosplay I hope to do is Zero suit Sammus from the New metroid dread game. And when it comes to dancing, I like to push my limits, to feel the music in my soul through my movements. I also love Nintendo video games. Some of my favorites are the Legend of Zelda games. I have a tattoo on my right shoulder that is based on one of the Zelda games. So that’s pretty much me, just a nerdy alien girl who can’t wait to get to know you better. Let’s be friends, or more! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and more, my handle everywhere is @missaileeanne

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