ErroticaArchives: Heartson with Micca by Arturo


The fantasy of Micca in this ErroticaArchives set is a treasure. I imagine her coming in seductively, like a lover, a newfound companion for our lustful adventures who takes us through a journey all over her sensual body. It is a gift, a feast for the eyes, for the minds, and her teases allow her to engage all our senses at once.

There’s beauty, but I can also feel a captivating hint of naïve attraction that shines through her eyes. I imagine it as a lovely and kind expression that hides behind it a succubus waiting for the right moment to jump out. In the meantime, she is teasing us with her bare body, her perky tits, and her scrumptious pussy.

In the end, the fantasy is like she’s making love to herself and letting us watch while showing all the naughty things her body is ready for, and I picture her waiting for us to be burning with desire for her, begging her to let us join her in that fascinating moment of tender lust.

What a delightful wet dream!

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