FTVMILFs: Leya Falcon Bottle It Up


One wink and Leya Falcon is wearing a green bikini that blends with grass and leaves, but leaves her bits barely covered. It is a marvel of engineering, that outfit, and it looks so gorgeous that it brings sure focus on her hips, her ass, her tits. All shown with sexiness and class, and her tits don’t stay hidden for too long, so the view becomes more precious.

Another wink is the link that guides us to her topless, but the bikini is still there, it just moves away to dazzle us, to tempt, to marvel with her splendid tits and their gorgeous glory. It’s a treat that’s juicy and delicious, and as her boobies get unveiled, she also bares her pussy for an FTVMILFs playtime where green is revealed as the color of the day, and this stunning blonde gets a green bottle and replaces the bikini with its love, on the inside, as if she were giving her pussy some sips, sliding the emerald glass between her lips and leaving it there, smooth, erotic, and pleasurable.

Then we wink again, and she’s wearing another set, this time It’s lingerie, a more private and romantic garment that also disappears with another nod and blink, like I Dream of Genie, and the magic of the sensual comes out of the bottle some more, and there’s nothing in the way to stop it shining at us, enamoring, entrancing, lovingly mesmerizing.

FTVMILFs Writes:

Hello people, my name is Princess Leya Falcon from the glittering city of sin, Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve recently completed my BA in communication from UNLV, from which I graduated Cum Laude. It is safe to say that I am quite the nerd with an incredibly unique and quirky personality, but I do still have the fun, super slut side of me that I love to display for everyone to watch. You may know me from my extreme anal scenes, the Harley Quinn cosplay I am often found wearing, or maybe you are a submissive that is more of a fan of my femdom side. However it is that you may or may not know me, I am here to reintroduce myself and show you how I practice self-love here on [insert website here] so please enjoy because I know I sure will.

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