Zishy: Stella Barry Pullin Out The Stops


I like how this set starts with a boob flash from Stella Barry. The weave of her knitted top would’ve probably still let us see through to her nipples, but it is nice to have a tease like that right from the start, particularly when said flash is done with such fanfare. The picture kind of gives the appearance that she is jumping on the bed when she does it, which seems to me like the perfect enthusiastic way to present a spectacular pair of tits like hers.

From there, the action goes back down to the bed, and things start appearing on the set that make my mind fill with fantasies, because all she keeps on clothing-wise are her panties, and soon I notice the presence of handcuffs on her wrists, a detail I only discovered because the chain is going over her chest while she squeezes her tits from a view that’s like we’re lying on top of her.

The creative use of angles on this Zishy photo set is splendid too, because there’s the one I just mentioned, and another one that gives the exact opposite view, making it seem like we’re now on the bed and she’s raising her ass above our heads. This view, combined with the rest of them, make for an appetizing treat because, in all of them, Stella Barry shows her panties that are like a sweet temptation that appears to be getting closer to realizing the naughty dream it inspires within me, since she starts peeling them off while turning away from the camera, giving some screen time to her firm booty while she does it.

Zishy Writes:

These have been held in the Zishy archives for a minute. Anthony, our contributor from Portland said it best, “Girls like Stella don’t come through very often.” Yeah, man. I know. That is why I remotely commissioned a few shoots with this rare bird. And I will be real with you because hardly anyone ever is, I offered Stella to travel and shoot with me as well. She refused and blocked me for asking if it was possible to pack on a few pounds. See, Stella had slimmed down quite a bit after shooting with Anthony. Live and learn. Don’t ask for shit. Just take it as it comes. Or don’t take it at all. Video tomorrow.

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