TheLifeErotic: Anie Darling Rubber Toys 1 by John Chalk


You know when you invite a friend over and they ask if you want them to bring something? What if you were kind of vague in the request and just asked them to bring over some toys to play with, and accidentally ended up in a better playdate than you could possibly imagine?

Well, I’ll let you play with that thought a little bit before I reveal that this TheLifeErotic set has just that fantasy playing out before our eyes, and taking part in the naughtier bits of it is the stunning Anie Darling, an absolute knockout of a woman who definitely seems to know how to rock both fishnets and a ponytail.

This is the part where things are better for this little fantasy that we’re in, because Anie Darling does bring toys to play with, rubber toys to be exact, and she goes on to demonstrate how each one works to bring her pleasure, for which she of course needs to take off some key areas of her costume to give her rubber friends better access to her eager pussy, and we get to watch everything that she does, paying close attention to how she enjoys each plaything, and what their strong points are.

Maybe we even need a quick refresher of what each does, requiring her to play with them all again before the day is done. I don’t know. The sky is the limit with a fantasy like this, and I for one am absolutely awestruck by the fact that, while she does show her naughty bits, she also lets our gaze splash around in the ocean of fishnets still partially covering her sexy body.

What a lovely playtime!

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