FTVMILFs: Macey Jade Beautiful Flower


I’m gonna level with you, I was thinking about this set for a while, and I wanted to say something about how Macey Jade is wearing different outfits throughout it. I had even prepared a description for each of them with lots of witty adjectives that talk about their patterns and various levels of perceived softness, but when I re-read it, I decided to toss it aside, because seeing this set and going for an option like that feels like just dipping my toes on the shallow end, which would be a disservice to this beautiful woman.

Macey Jade is a lady that makes me have sweet dreams when I go to bed. I believe her style is so lovely and so naturally seductive that I can’t get enough of her, and with the creative fantasy that this set works within me, I know that I’ll be having the sweetest of dreams tonight, although it may rain a little…if you catch my drift.

This FTVMILFs set is a demonstration of how incredibly gorgeous Macey Jade looks, no matter what she is wearing, or if she is wearing clothes at all. To me, the costume changes throughout the set only serve to express that concept, dipped in sensuality. I feel she has the power to enamor and take us deeper into that dreamlike state while she teases us not only with her beauty, but also with her naughtiness, doing things like spreading her pussy lips, taking off her panties and stretching them with her feet while she spreads her legs, or bending over while her panties stay around her knees as she presents us with a gloriously delicious angle. There’s a special and distinct touch of erotic mastery in her every move, and I am glad I get to savor it in this great photoset.

FTVMILFs Writes:

Hello, everyone! Macey Jade here again, and I’m ecstatic to be back! This is by far the best time I’ve had in the industry, not including the squirting experiences I’ve had just with this company. In fact, I’ve never squirted so much in my life. My lists of talents include but are not limited to playing videos games and then looking at my phone and realizing people needed me all day. I like tacos, the food kind and the human kind. Ahahaha.. See what I did there? My favorite thing to do in my free time, besides playing Far Cry, is massaging my boobs. Personally, I think my boobs are my greatest asset, so soft and easy to feel! And who doesn’t want to have a face full of melons? So let’s skip the fancy dinners, long walks on the beach, and go straight to gaming and food! Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to masturbate with my Play Station controller. Ta-ta for now!

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