Demmy Blaze – Pennywise Set


IT is one of the most terrifying franchises I have ever seen, but today all of that terror instead turns to excitement as I get to look at this gorgeous cosplay gallery starring a sexy killer clown by the name of Demmy Blaze.

The whole outfit looks incredible! It’s clearly inspired by how Pennywise looked in the movies, but much sexier thanks to the tight dress that is barely able to cover her giant boobies. Of course she also has the signature red balloon there to play with. I didn’t think I could be jealous of a balloon, but the way she glides her tongue across it is so incredibly hot to see.

Demmy Blaze‘s boobies pop out of the outfit as the shoot continues to make her look even more enticing. I don’t think the original Pennywise would ever have been able to lure me into its domain, but this version is so gorgeous that all I want to do is follow her anywhere she leads me. Today that happens to be her own website, which features the full shoot and many others.

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