MoonConjured’s Spell Of Fishnets And Elven Lust


In a moment of unhinged desires I stumble upon a show that’s like both Halloween and Christmas combined. In it, the gorgeous goth goddess MoonConjured plays while wearing white fishnet stockings and a sexy white outfit that’s revealing and scrumptious.

At first I thought MoonConjured was dressed as an angel, but then I observed the look closely and discovered the elven details of her style, and this reveal felt more appropriate because of all the sensual magic that she’s got flying all over the place with her booty shakes and boob teases that are done in splendid increments and varying angles, all feeding fantasy with the mystical spell she’s cast.

MoonConjured Writes:

Petite Metis Goth Beauty With a Big Booty (say that 5 times)

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