FTVMILFs: Melody Elf Penetration Play


There is something incredibly sexy about telling a story through photos, which is what FTVMILFs have managed to do in this lovely photoset featuring Melody, who just so happens to look like an eladrin from far, far away, with a thirst for exploration and pleasure.

I do like just how royal she looks in the white robes she has, the straight brunette hair going down her body, with a little crown that just cements her status, but even more so the frames that come with her slowly freeing herself from her confines. The set of pictures that have her propped on a statue with a dildo are something else, like a special kind of art piece that just looks beautiful in detail.

FTVMILFs have done another fantastic job with this gorgeous photoshoot!

Hey, I’m glad to be back! This time I brought lots of fun outfits that will take you out of this world! I had the best time at this shoot because I felt extremely comfortable in my cosplay. Dressing up helps me take on a different persona and allows me to get out of my head. It is akin to putting on a mask and feeling like you could do anything. I think there are two different types of masks. The mask you wear to fit in and the mask you wear to express yourself without judgment.

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