BonnieWest Rubs Lotion On Her Freshly-Spanked Booty


There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the technique that BonnieWest uses to apply lotion to her booty, because instead of scooping it up with her hand out of the jar, she uses a spoon, so we literally get to see her rubbing a spoonful of lotion on her red booty.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that: part of the excitement about this show is that she unbuttons her outfit for it, and a hint of her pussy is visible during the tease and…wait, my mind is wandering, I wanted to tell you about how BonnieWest rubs lotion on her booty, which is red because she is giving it some sweet punishment with lots of spank sessions, and the best part about these is not just the sexy slapping, but that she distributes the spanks so that the redness evens out.

This makes the lotion show more mesmerizing, because it is like her ass is blushing under the loving care of her hands applying that white and soft lotion all over them.

BonnieWest Writes:

free-spirited dreamgirl wild fur barefoot adventurer sensual alchemist

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