BraisleeAdams’ Vampiric Ice Show


I’m very happy that Halloween is close by because of all the treats that come with the season, especially when in cases like this BraisleeAdams’ show, where said treats take on a naughty presence that’s simply delicious.

BraisleeAdams is half undressed like a sexy vampire, and she is in a tip war, so fans can show appreciation to her vampiric ways while she dazzles with her tits out and lets an ice cube melt all over her yummy, pierced nipples to add some saucy wetness to her super sexy look while she teases by keeping things super close to the camera so we don’t miss a detail of her playful ice tease.

BraisleeAdams Writes:

~*~*~*~*Hula Hoop Extraordinaire*~*~*~*~

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