A Sexy Time Where LucyLovesick Tickles Her Kitty


In this fast-paced show, LucyLovesick shares all kinds of sexy treats that involve her teasing us with very specific areas of her inked body, starting with a twerk tease where she shakes her booty after removing the panties, which really is the best way to twerk, come to think of it.

The lingerie LucyLovesick wears is very sexy, and I like that she keeps it on when her wand tickles her pussy, and then she removes both her bra and her panties to continue teasing her kitty, this time with her fingers, as she unlocks nakedness for the remainder of her show, which is always a fun little treat to savor while she continues the tantalizing teases and good times.

LucyLovesick Writes:

Your manic princess dream girl.

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