XFuukaX Savors The Vibes From A Wand With Her Clothes On


In a moment of gorgeous playfulness, XFuukaX gives us a treat that’s guaranteed to give me sweet dreams when I go to sleep later. She takes her magic wand, that vibrating device of awesome pleasures and she begins playing with it, only this time she does it a little bit differently.

What XFuukaX does is: she presses her wand against her vagina, but she does it through the pants, which is an interesting option, as I am told sometimes the vibrations make the panties shift and tickle the pussy better than if it were just raw.

I don’t know how true this is, but it’s certainly something to think about while watching XFuukaX giggling and biting her lip while those vibes keep on shaking her clothed pussy.

XFuukaX Writes:

Nerdy, Dirty, + Squirty since 2011!

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