Natalia_Rae Plays Darts And Massages Her Naughty Parts


The underboob that Natalia_Rae’s top shows is stunning, and she’s got yummier things in store for us on this show, because there’s an ongoing activity where we can ask her to throw a dart at a board she’s prepared with lots of sexy things waiting for the dart to activate them.

This time, her dart throw landed on a tease with a magic wand, and while Natalia_Rae plays with it with her clothes on, she shows us her unique technique to pleasure her pussy, because she doesn’t just press the toy against her clit, but rather, she puts it under her and does this straddling pose that lets us enjoy her booty and see the toy’s head from behind while she rides it marvelously.

Natalia_Rae Writes:

Live Wildly <3

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