AdultTime: An Erotic Bond Of Playful Pleasures


Let’s enjoy a connection with the spiritual through Yoga. That feeling of peaceful calm and states of wonder, which is best shared with friends, in this case it is a nice group of three with Kali Roses, Violet Myers and Carolina Cortez, because things are nice and perfect in threes.

Yoga helps relaxation, and in this case, it is a gateway for stimulation as a simple workout session where their journey through asanas suddenly turns into something more, something sexier and a whole lot tastier in the erotic GirlsWay.

They don’t seem to need their yoga pants or bras anymore, because this new AdultTime session happens with their tongues, lips, pussies and tits, as each of them gets a turn showing their techniques for pleasure to one another, becoming almost a dance, a train, a threeway of sensational release that sees them each getting that electrifying feeling of achieved lust from their companions, of pleasures found, of their lips kissing each other’s wet vaginas until they cum, cum together, cum in the lovely connection with the universal energies in this naughty yoga session.

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