The Gentle Seduction Of BonnieWest’s Nipple Clamps Tease


It is the softness of her movements what draws me in to her hypnotic grace, and BonnieWest grazes her breasts with her fingers, slowly drawing circles all over them while leaving the clamps secured tightly, squeezing the tender flesh of her nipples and even adding her own bit of pressure by giving them an extra pinch.

The relaxed nature of her tease makes it more appealing, because BonnieWest leaves her orange top on, hinting at the fact that it could end momentarily, even if it’s not doing it yet, which creates in me a sort of thirst to see more of it, all I can absorb before her tits are once again covered, and it is in that seizing of this tempting moment that I discover more and more pleasures under the hypnotic spell of her bare boobs and BonnieWest’s gentle seduction.

BonnieWest Writes:

free-spirited hairy internet girlfriend

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