Gorgeous Gothic Gamer MoonConjured’s Topless Vampiric Adventure


In V Rising, MoonConjured plays and slays lots of strange creatures. It is a great and beautifully atmospheric show because the area her vampire is fighting in is covered with fog, which gives it a more ethereal and mysterious feel that transcends to the real world, where we can see that this sexy gothic princess is playing the game without clothes on.

Her toplessness is tantalizing, and while at first I am trying to catch a peek of her boobs during the playtime, MoonConjured does something that helps enjoy her bare beauty in a much better way: she stops the game stream and presents her tits in full while her hands squeeze on them, opening up the naughty part of her camshow interaction where we can not only continue enjoying the view, but can also engage in conversation with this amazing lady.

MoonConjured Writes:

Petite Metis Goth Beauty With a Big Booty (say that 5 times)

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