Cutie WonderAna Spanks Her Ass With Class On Booty Monday


WonderAna bends over her chair for balance, and her tight booty is on display, sharing with the room that sexy round shape. She’s wearing lingerie, blue, and as I notice that it matches her hair color, she starts slapping her booty in rapid succession, and soon my thoughts are all about how red she makes her booty with that treatment.

Her full lingerie set soon loses an item, and WonderAna teases with her bare boobs, squeezing and playing with them, before another round of spanks comes, this time with a paddle.

When she lets her ass have it, her booty bounces, and she shakes and smiles, going back to her seat to discard another part of her lingerie. This time it’s her panties, and once they’re gone, WonderAna moves up to show her pussy for the camera, shaved and tasty-looking, while her hands run over the bare areas of her body, flaunting the remaining bits of lingerie that still remain, and that’s when I see it: a gorgeous pair of white fishnets that act like the cherry on top of this spanking naughty time.

WonderAna’s Profile:

Username: WonderAna
CamScore: 3433
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Weight: 420 kilos
Height: 69 centimeters
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Marital Status: Single
Favorite Food: I like sushi.
Pets: A Baby Kilo and A Baby Maya
Automobile: Maybe. Why.

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