MollyMeowz In The Scrumptious Case Of The Pleasured Clitoris


A virtue of MollyMeowz that often surprises me is her creativity and how she applies it to the realm of seduction to create unprecedented and delicious things.

This Summerween cam show gives us a tease in scarlet, where this tempting lady wears a hat and red trench coat à la Carmen Sandiego, except MollyMeowz only has a lace bodysuit, stockings, black boots and lust underneath hers.

This case is an interesting one that I am happy to immerse myself into, as MollyMeowz prepares her pussy with a flash and then takes out her magic wand. It is shaped like a microphone, and its round head shakes against her vagina while she holds it with two hands to steady the vibrations and direct them to that sensitive button of ecstasy that’s her clitoris, and she presses hard, moaning and quaking with every wave, slowly closing in on the target: a big, body-shaking orgasm.

MollyMeowz Writes:

Your favorite slut

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