TheLifeErotic: Usha Tied 1 by Tora Ness


Usha is sitting on top of a chair with a collar around her neck. There’s a rope attached to it and it extends high up into the air and comes back down to end up between her hands. That’s how I know she is in full control of this kinky TheLifeErotic gallery.

Her outfit is dark and sexy, making it the perfect companion to all the bondage rope. These poses immediately draw my attention to the fact that she isn’t wearing any panties, and this is when her hands reach down to spread her pussy wide open as I get a good look at even more of those stylish tattoos all over her body and hands.

I notice a dildo peeking out from inside of the flower pot next to Usha. I wonder if it’s here for decoration or something else? The answer becomes obvious as she ends up stuffing herself with the toy while pulling on the rope attached to her neck. I just love how kinky this gallery is and even more kinky shots can be found over at TheLifeErotic.

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