AphiaDeMieux’s Mouthwatering Sequence Of Naughtiness


It is always interesting to see a single act creating a ripple that results in something incredible. Take this show by the cute AphiaDeMieux, for example. It starts with a smile, and then a naughty booty spank emerges through the loveliness in a tease that suddenly becomes a titty flash, and from there, it goes to a place I could’ve never imagined.

The transition happens spontaneously, seamless, and it brings with it excitement and allure in unprecedented amounts when AphiaDeMieux pinches her nipples, once again offering a genesis for the next tease, and while the camera is still fixed on her perky bare boobs, she invites an ice cube to her playtime, and makes it glide all over her beautiful breasts until it begins to melt against the warmth of her skin, leaving a group of droplets dangling from her tits like little beads of lust decorating her chest in a perfect segue to her cumshow.

The naughty causality of this show is extraordinary, as AphiaDeMieux plays with her vibrator until a shaking orgasm comes, and this incredible treat brings with it another one where she shows the camera the aftermath of pleasure, and her juicy pussy gets to keep feeling the love from her fingers while we admire the wetness up close.

I wonder where she’ll take us next… 😛

AphiaDeMieux Writes:

Hiya! My name is AphiaDeMieux (Aye-fee-uh Duh-mew). I’m normally a shy person but I truly do love making friends and entertaining people with my comedic dildo kicking and booty! I’m a 4′ 11” ball of energy that might just break your headphones if I get tipped big LOL.

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