LaraLoxley’s Sexy Pool Party


This is a type of show I’ve never seen before, and that excites me, because LaraLoxley is camming while in a pool, but instead of being fully dipped, she is riding a shark pool toy, straddling it good for balance while her tits come out to say hello, and remain free for the duration of this sexy pool party.

Of course, a party like this is not without treats, and LaraLoxley has the best of all, since she gives control of her toy inside her pussy to one of her fans, and we can see both the beats that the vibrations go through on the nice little side chart, and at the same time, we get to see what that rollercoaster of vibrations does to her, which is a very interesting and very naughty thing thanks to how she jots and moans when the vibes get to specific points of pleasure.

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