SaliceSawyer Gets Pleasure From Two Toys At Once


While watching SaliceSawyer, I notice that she takes off her t-shirt. I love that she is wearing layers, it makes the anticipation of the tease grow more and more when the next one is revealed, until only the bra’s left, and she moves it aside to flash her perky boobs.

When they are out, SaliceSawyer squeezes lube onto a dildo, because the time has come for a kitty playtime, and she prepares for it carefully, yet swiftly, so before long her legs are spread, no panties in sight, and she starts driving her multi-colored toy inside, while a second toy, this one a vibrator, stimulates her clit, soft and sweet, and they dance together, one with shakes and the other sliding in and out of her, in a gorgeous collage of lust.

SaliceSawyer Writes:

She never leaves her home, but she’s real sweet

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