Fun And Naughty Wand Games With DrewBerries


The way that DrewBerries combines sexy with funny always impresses me and makes me smile. Take today’s show, for example, where she is wearing a schoolgirl ensemble with some daring elements, like her boots and her top with a keyhole at the front, shaped like an almond, where we can see the outline of her beautiful breasts; and while our gaze is there, we can also see how she sticks a pair of googly eyes on her boobs and gives them a nice shake for our viewing pleasure.

There’s also the moments where sexiness runs high to seductively delicious places, and DrewBerries starts playing with her wand, placing it between her legs, right where the magic happens, and she makes sparks fly by showing us how her body quivers with the sensations that wand brings to her pretty pussy, whether she is kneeling on her bed, riding that toy, or resting on her bed to let those quakes of lust travel unstopped; and we get to enjoy the view of her playing in this way, which also happens to bring a smile to my face.

DrewBerries’ Profile:

Username: DrewBerries
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 177 centimeters
Age: 97
Country: Canada
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Moderate
Occupation/Major: Professional Dumpster Fire
Favorite Food: Pizza everyday.
Pets: Demon Kitty
About Me: Check out my MFCShare for more Drew…

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