BonnieWest Undresses For A Naughty Little Tease


BonnieWest flashes her tits while sharing a story about how she journals every morning, naked, and how that’s giving her a hint of a tan line right where the shadow of her breasts falls on her skin. Of course, since she is topless, this becomes even more interesting, because we can take a closer look to discover said tan line while her bra is still gone.

Her top does come back to dazzle us with its pink and blue flowers of lace that meet over her breasts but do nothing to hide her nipples. Its return is somewhat short-lived, though, as her wheel soon spins to grant us the gift of total nakedness from this beautiful lady.

BonnieWest makes this new tease slow and sexy and, as she takes her time peeling her lingerie off, she maximizes the eroticism of this reveal until her nipple piercings, her lovely bush, and her tattoos are all fully visible, and when the time comes for her to cover herself once again, she does it with a chaser treat where she spanks her booty before the next naughty tease begins.

BonnieWest Writes:

Hi, I’m Bonnie! Crunchy on the outside, soft and squishy on the inside. I enjoy banter and can be quite sassy, but really I just want to be spoiled and loved on. I love adventures in nature, playing with my pets, reading, laughing all night, playing my ukulele, and all the naughty, kinky fun I get my hands on – that is, if you can keep up. I’d describe myself as adventurous, easy-going, playful, and down-to-earth. I love to make new friends, so don’t be shy – come join me for a dip into my wild world!

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